Flip out on a Trampoline! | Mon 07 Sep at 18:00

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Flip out on a Trampoline!

Did you also like jumping around on the trampoline when you were young? But did you know you can still enjoy this as an adult?! Unleash your inner kid and join us at JumpSquare Rijswijk where you can jump, bounce and flip out for two hours straight! Afterwards there is the opportunity to get to know each other over chips and lemonade


JumpSquare Rijswijk (address above). 5 minutes by bike from TNO Rijswijk and 30 minutes by bike from TNO New Babylon. 


The costs for this event will be €6. JongTNO will sponser the remainder! 

 Mon 07 Sep
 Sun 30 Aug 17:00

 JumpSquare Rijswijk - Lange Kleiweg 1E 2288 GH Rijswijk