Social Distancing Borrel Delft | Wed 30 Sep at 17:00

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Social Distancing Borrel Delft

Did you know the ancient Greek and Egypts already played a form of Jeu de Boule? And that the actual game as we know it is called Petanque? As we all are probably a little out of shape due to Corona, this is thé opportunity to finally pick up your new years resolutions and start your sporty lifestyle after all! This is the sport is definitely suited for you, as has been specifically invented for an old French guy who was severely restricted in his movement due to rheumatism (Thank you Wikipedia). Therefore no excuses tolerated!

We have reserved 3 courts, so a maximum of 18 people can attend. If there turns to be more interest, I can check whether it is possible to book an extra court. After the match we will get a table(s) assigned to start the famous third half to test our rusty social skills.

As the Corona measures persist, we have to take some (individual) responsibility to ensure 1.5 meter and to sit down at the table as much as possible. If you happen to have Corona related complaints, please stay at home. Let's create an atmosphere where everybody feels safe :)!

We hope to see you on Wednesday September 30th at Mooie Boules in Delft!

PS: Even if you feel like you are a Greek god, please try to keep your clothes on as it may distract other players..



 Wed 30 Sep
 Wed 30 Sep 17:00

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