ICA Workshop: Energizing | Wed 16 Sep at 16:30

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ICA Workshop: Energizing

Jong TNO is invited to participate in the ICA Workshop: Energizing

Please register both via Jong TNO and on the ICA page. In this workshop we will together explore the disruption to how we think about work. How we make decisions, take ownership, feel autonomy, and re-think organization structures.

If you have not received the instructions please contact francesco.cinquini@tno.nl


From  ICA website:

You've Got the Power!

How to stay energized in a high demanding environment?

Replying to hundred emails a day, while climbing the corporate ladder and not to forget finding your passion at your job... On top, you're not making the most out of it when you don't have a relationship, found a grown up apartment without filthy flatmates and party as much as you can while you're at it. As millennial, life is often just thrown upon you with numerous, paralyzing choices. And before you know it, you get burnt out. But when do you know when you have it? Learn in this workshop You've got the power of 3310 - School for Millennials how you prevent burnout and stay energized throughout your career, anywhere, anytime!  

This workshop is given by School for Millennials 3310.

 Wed 16 Sep
 Tue 15 Sep 23:55