ICA Event - Live Webcast: Erik Scherder | Thu 19 Nov at 16:30

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ICA Event - Live Webcast: Erik Scherder

Jong TNO is invited to participate in the ICA Event - Live Webcast: Erik Scherder

Please register both via Jong TNO and on the ICA page. In this webcast we will discover together more about our brain.

If you have not received the instructions please contact francesco.cinquini@tno.nl


From  ICA website:

Note down November 19th at 16:30 in your calendar, because we are inviting you for an afternoon with Erik Scherder and his marvelous stories about our brain. Erik Scherder is an expert in the field of neuropsychology and movement sciences. He combines a unique speaking talent and fine way of presenting with a large amount of knowledge and will be able to capture your attention from beginning to end.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the live webcast about the following subjects:

  • Vitality: the importance between your brain and your physical condition
  • How do you cope up with these difficult COVID-times?
  • How to maintain the perfect work-life balance while working from home?
  • How to keep yourself happy and healthy?

You will also be able to ask questions in the live chat that will be available during the webcast.

 Thu 19 Nov
 Wed 18 Nov 23:55