ICA Workshop - Machine Learning for Dummies | Wed 24 Feb at 16:00

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ICA Workshop - Machine Learning for Dummies

Jong TNO is invited to participate in the ICA Workshop - Machine Learning for Dummies

Please register both via Jong TNO and on the ICA page. In this workshop we will explore together what actually is machine learning together with The Analytics Academy.

If you have not received the instructions please contact francesco.cinquini@tno.nl


From  ICA website:

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a term that continuously pops up in the media. But what actually is machine learning?

Young ORTEC is proud to host a workshop to address this question.  So, are you interested in machine learning and want to understand what it entails, but have no (or little) knowledge on the topic – then please join us.

During this workshop given (in English) by the Analytics Academy you will:

  • Learn more about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
  • Understand the basics of machine learning in a fun way
  • Get more insights in the reliability and explainability of machine learning
  • Gain insights into the fairness of machine learning
 Wed 24 Feb
 Mon 22 Feb 23:55