Storytelling Masterclass from Toastmasters | Thu 08 Apr at 16:00

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Storytelling Masterclass from Toastmasters

A friend asked me once “people in TNO spend most of their time writing reports, don’t they?”. In Toastmasters we believe that our fellow scientists and consultants do much more than that and it is in our power to show our colleagues and friends how we are creating the future every day. That is why we invited an external expert to help you practice your storytelling skills. Join us to learn how to tell exciting stories and inspire your audience.

Storytelling can sound like hard work, inauthentic or unnatural. But strong leaders use storytelling to their advantage and so can you!

Stories are more than words. When we can tell an authentic story; we can give clarity about the now and spark hope for the future. We can change minds and inspire action.  We don’t need to be a pro, but we can learn some basic principles and tips and use them to make our communication more effective.

Storytelling is a skill, like all skills, it takes time, practice and commitment to get better. The right stories, told in the right way and for the right reasons, help us understand a message, make it relevant and help it stick. Powerful speakers often use stories, metaphors and analogies as a tool not as a nice-to-have, it’s a proven lever to take people with you and have impact. You already have unique stories from your life experience and insights, now learn what works, why and how to build your stories like a professional.

In this session you will:

  • Learn how the human brain receives and processes a story
  • Discover some powerful tools and tricks that impactful speakers and leaders use to inspire people
  • Gain some practical tips to help your speeches and conversations have more impact

How to sign up

(Update: The event is full! Registrations will go on the reserve list.) Please sign up through the Google form here. The event is open for all TNO'ers, so the registration through JongTNO website has been disabled. If you can no longer attend the Masterclass, please submit the same form again and choose the "deregister" option. For questions about this event please reach us via

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About your host

Chaya Mistry is a global communication coach and consultant who helps leaders to get unstuck, build an approach of courage, curiosity and have better conversations that create human connection. Based on understanding neuroscience and human social behaviour Chaya helps leaders to grow confidence, authenticity and executive presence through developing their emotional and cultural intelligence and communication skills.

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