Sunglasses (free!) - lustrum | Sun 20 Jun at 17:00

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Sunglasses (free!) - lustrum

Protect your eyes!

Look amazing!

Brighten your field of vision!


These beautiful sunglasses protect your eyes against harmful UV rays and complete your summer outfit at the same time! Mirrored glasses offer more benefits than most think. They reflect light instead of absorbing it, resulting in you experiencing more brightness through the lenses. Looking good has never been this easy! And if you want to check whether you're sunburnt yet, you can just use your sunglasses as a mirror.

Start shining and liven up your summer now, with either the white/green or black/green version! And best of all: they're free!

Note that the sunglasses will have a small, non-obtrusive Jong TNO logo on the sides, as can be seen in the picture.

 Sun 20 Jun
 Sun 20 Jun 16:59

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