Kitesurf weekend | Fri 24 Sep at 22:00

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Kitesurf weekend

The Idea:

Enjoying some kitesurf sessions at the beach of Kijkduin.

From Friday night until Sunday afternoon we will have a weekend long of hopefully some amazing kitesurfing sessions. When there is no wind we will have some fun beach activities instead. Both the lessons and the beach activities will be organized by Blow. We will sleep at the luxurious houses of vacation parc Roompot at Kijkduin.

Friday there will first be a beachparty. Which you should definetily attend, because afterwards we will bike to our Roompot home. Saturday morning there will be some time to sleep over your hangover, because in the afternoon you will have your first kitesurfing lesson. On Sunday you will have your second kitesurfing lesson.

There will be 3 kitesurfing group lessons, so for every level there is an instructor. Both days the lessons will take 3,5 to 4 hours. Gear is included as well. Do you have your own gear and able to surf by yourself? Definitely take these with you, so we can surf with each other!

During our stay breakfast and dinner will be included. So overall there will be time for laughs, drinks and lots of activities on the beach!

How much?

The weekend will be €120, and when you want kitesurfing lessons for Saturday and Sunday it will cost €190 in total. These are estimations based on a group of 15 people of which 5 people don’t need lessons, so based on the number of attendees we can give a final price.

How many?

So far there is room for 10 kitesurf students and 5 people with experience and own gear .


The weekend of the 24th – 26th of September.

 Fri 24 Sep
 Fri 27 Aug 12:00