Laser Tag in Old TNO Building - interest list! | Wed 13 Oct at 17:30

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Laser Tag in Old TNO Building - interest list!

What is more awesome than laser tag (lasergamen) in an old abandoned TNO building?! Indeed, very little. You made this dream come true and make it happening!!! Lets make it epic. :D

As we are going to play at an old building please make sure you were (old) clothes that can get dirty. 

Also we need some obtject/hiding spots for the battle field, so  inflatble items/animals/etc. are welcome. (we can make it look nice! however, we can not garantee they will look as pretty at the end of the evening as they did at the beginning of the evening)

In addition, we will go for drinks afterwards near Delft Train Station with one round of drinks on us! 

The event is going to be organised! So it will cost 12,50€.

 Wed 13 Oct
 Wed 13 Oct 14:32

 Bakemastraat 97K Delft, TNO Building