Join our KILLER Halloween party! | Fri 29 Oct at 19:00

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Join our KILLER Halloween party!

As the weather gets colder... the nights get longer... and the moon hangs low and luminous in the heavens... some of us begin to change... into... PARTY ANIMALS!

Jong TNO's first-ever Halloween party will be held underground along the Oude Gracht in Utrecht. After descending the stairs into the spooky party dungeon, you’ll have a chance to catch up with your friends over free drinks in the chillout area. Then, when your inner demons take control, hit the dancefloor with our two sick DJ’s.

Because we’ll do a Corona check we can have up to 170 people. This means you can bring multiple friends. You don’t have to come in costume, but people in costume get a €5 discount. And of course, the Scariest, Funniest, and Most Original costumes get prizes!

The party is 19:00 to midnight and will have free drinks and snacks. Make sure you eat beforehand, so the final part of the exorcism doesn't kick in too early. 😉

If you register before Friday the 22nd at 17:00, we'll have a special treat for you (and your friends) at the party - so smash the green button to register now!

 Fri 29 Oct
 Thu 28 Oct 16:00

 Het K-Sjot - Oudegracht aan de Werf 157, 3511 AK Utrecht

 15.00 (non-member)