Rainbow/FFYF: Psychological Safety Workshops | Wed 22 Jun at 09:00

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Rainbow/FFYF: Psychological Safety Workshops

Psychological Safety Workshops: 22nd and 23rd of June

Research shows that psychological safety is a key element for effective cooperation. But what does that mean? What is the connection between psychological safety and the personal work context? And can you create this safety yourself? Are you curious and would you like to know more? Then register for the workshop 'Psychological Safety', offered by Rainbow@TNO.

Under the guidance of Carla Maria Verwer [School of Narrative Leadership] you will have an open discussion with other participants about what safety is, what steps you can take to steer interactions towards a greater sense of safety, and what kind of support would be helpful for you. By becoming aware of psychological safety while working together, we can create an atmosphere together where colleagues can be candid about their ideas, questions, concerns and even mistakes, and create an environment in which you feel you belong. Which contributes to a more inclusive organization. An important spearhead of D&I Strategy.

Some of the Rainbow TNO members experienced the first Psychological safety workshop at the 4th of May, and we are glad we did! We enjoyed that the session was interactive and that we used our own stories to make the new insights gained more tangible.
We, the participants, were so enthusiastic that we collectively decided to continue 30 minutes longer during the lunch break! Additionally, we are also scheduling a follow-up, a part two for those who are interested to continue.

Are you interested to experience this as well?

We have two more sessions planned on the 22nd and 23rd of June, which are open to all! No preparation needed.


What: Psychological Safety Workshop FFYF (6 – 10 participants, slightly adjusted for LGBTQIA+ community, everyone welcome)
Where: TNO Utrecht, Princetonlaan 6
When: Wednesday 22 June , 09.00-13.00, no preparation needed

What: Psychological Safety Workshop FFYF (6 – 10 participants, regular, everyone welcome)
Where: TNO Utrecht, Princetonlaan 6
When: Thursday 23 June , 09.00-13.00, no preparation needed


How to register: 

Email us at rainbow@tno.nl if you are interested in joining the workshop! Please let us know before Tuesday 21st of June 09.00.

  Wed 22 Jun 09:00 - 13:00
  Tue 21 Jun 09:00

 TNO Utrecht, Princetonlaan 6

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