UYM - The keys to Biohacking Stress | The Hague | Tue 27 Sep at 17:00

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UYM - The keys to Biohacking Stress | The Hague

A workshop by  Ronald Siecker, doctor of medicine and neurobiologist

There is a lot of talk about stress and relaxation these days. But the truth resides deep within our own brains.
What is rest really, and why is it actually something completely different than most of us think? Why do we need it at all, and why can resting even be dangerous?
What is stress? What happens inside our bodies and our brains when we experience it? And why does it even exist? After all, our inner system is meant to help us survive. So why would it make us feel something that harms us?
And what are the real keys to taking control over stress? How can one truly master one’s own stress- and relaxation levels?

In this workshop Ronald will explain the basic principles of stress and relaxation for those who have never been to one of his seminars before, but will also go deeper into the subject for those who have – and give them the chance to experience stress-control for themselves.

  Tue 27 Sep 17:00 - 19:00
  Mon 26 Sep 17:00

 The Hague, Anna van Buerenplein 1