jong TNO - jong Arcadis chillout drinks | Amsterdam | Thu 03 Nov at 17:00

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jong TNO - jong Arcadis chillout drinks | Amsterdam


tl;dr: free drinks in Amsterdam together with another company called Arcadis! 🥳 Sign up now!


Arcadis is a large design, engineering and management consulting firm with headquarters in Amsterdam. You may have already heard of them, or worked together with them, for instance on acceleration of the Energy Transition, Sustainable Cities, Construction of Smart Buildings and Sustainable Mobility projects. Or you are like the writer of this post and have never heard of them until a few months ago 😅. In any case: they are super interesting, and they are big, with 350 offices across forty countries! Whoa!

So what, you think? Well, the bottomline is: They are fun people, and they like drinks, just like us! Therefore we decided to have drinks together in Amsterdam, sponsored by "The Young Part" of Arcadis (yes, that's their official name!) and jong TNO! Just relax and mingle!

If Amsterdam is not your regular TNO location, feel free to still flex-work there during the day 😊 This way you don’t need to travel in the afternoon!



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