jong NWO - jong TNO (networking) borrel | Den Haag | Tue 11 Oct at 16:00

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jong NWO - jong TNO (networking) borrel | Den Haag


tl;dr: free drinks and interesting chats in Den Haag together with the Dutch Research Council NWO! 🥳 Sign up now!


Get to know NWO at the JongTNO - jong NWO Networking Borrel!

Have you ever come across NWO (the Dutch Research Council) and wondered what they do? Questions like:

  • What's the purpose of the organization? 🔭
  • How do they manage funding / decide which fields get funding? 💰
  • What else do they do, apart from handing out large sums of cash to research organisations? 🧑‍💼
  • Is it then just full of Scrooges who are obsessed with accounting? 💲

If you answered yes to any of these questions (or you are just a curious soul), the Jong TNO - NWO Networking Borrel is just the place for you! The event is scheduled for Tuesday 11th October at the NWO headquarters. Sign up now and get all your jong TNO friends to join! 🎉

After a quick and informative introduction, we will just mingle and chat! We already got input from many of you on what you would like to see and hear about. If you haven't answered yet, feel free to fill out this form with your burning questions, and we try to take them along in the design of the event.

p.s.: Please be aware that the final date has now been set to Tuesday 11th October (instead of the originally planned 13th October)

  Tue 11 Oct 16:00 - 19:30
  Mon 10 Oct 12:00

 NWO headquarters The Hague (close to Laan van NOI)