ICA - Meet BAM: Building a sustainable tomorrow | online | Tue 27 Sep at 12:00

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ICA - Meet BAM: Building a sustainable tomorrow | online

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Meet BAM: Building a sustainable tomorrow

BAM is the largest construction firm in the Netherlands, and therefore able to lead the change to a sustainable tomorrow.

The societal challenges BAM is impacting are plenty. For starters on sustainability, the construction sector uses a lot of materials and is the largest polluter of carbon (38%!) worldwide. Also other societal challenges like the current housing crisis are distressing, but also provides chances to rethink our current world and innovate.

During this meet the company event, Jop van der Kemp, projectmanager at BAM Residential, will tell you more about BAM, how BAM contributes to these societal challenges and about the project he is working on, the newly launched ground-breaking, automated and digitalized wood-based residential concept called FLOW.

Language: the event is fully in English 

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12:00-12:10: Introduction about the company

12:10-12:45: Presentation 

12:45-13:00: Q&A 


  Tue 27 Sep 12:00 - 13:00
  Tue 27 Sep 11:59