UYM - Balancing Boundaries: Learn to be more assertive | online | Mon 27 Feb at 17:30

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UYM - Balancing Boundaries: Learn to be more assertive | online

Jong TNOers! Do you ever feel like you can’t say “no” to new projects? Juggling too many projects can get stressful – Unwind Your Mind is here to help! We’re holding an assertiveness workshop to explore the psychology and behavior behind standing up for yourself at work, helping you to set boundaries and take control of your agenda. This workshop will be highly interactive and similar to the Personal Effectiveness training.

Some of the questions we’ll address in the workshop are:

  • How do I act in different situations? When should I indicate what I want and when shouldn’t I?
  • What are my beliefs when it comes to setting boundaries or when it comes to control?
  • What interaction styles do I know and what do I use? What could I change?

The workshop will take 2.5 hours including a break and will take place online.

Because this is an expensive workshop, there is a **no-show fee of €15 euro** so if you cannot make it, make sure you unregister on time. 


  Mon 27 Feb 17:30 - 20:00
  Wed 22 Feb 16:30