Networking Borrel - Arcadis | Amsterdam | Thu 09 Feb at 17:00

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Networking Borrel - Arcadis | Amsterdam

Arcadis is a large consulting firm in sustainable design, engineering, and management. You may have already heard of them, in connection with 
     Energy Transition,
            Sustainable Cities,
                    Construction of Smart Buildings, 
& Sustainable Mobility.

In any case they are super interesting, and they are big, with 350 offices across 40 countries! Whoa!


The first couple of rounds are on JongTNO!

If Amsterdam is not your regular TNO location, feel free to flex-work there during the day so you don’t need to travel in the afternoon! 😊

  Thu 09 Feb 17:00 - 19:00
  Thu 09 Feb 16:00

 BRET, Orlyplein 76, 1043 DP Amsterdam