Bouldering | Alkmaar | Thu 09 Mar at 18:00

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Bouldering | Alkmaar

Bouldering is indoor rock climbing on a wall with specifically designed routes. You only climb up to 3-4 meters high, so there are no ropes but there is a very thick pad to land on. There are routes for every skill level and we'll have an instructor. It is very easy to get into!

We'll get a coffee at arrival, shoes & instruction if you need them, and a beer afterward!

You should wear sporty clothes you can stretch in.


The website is currently not sending Outlook invites, so please plan this event in your calendar!

If you have any questions, your host is Jordi Creus Casanovas.

  Thu 09 Mar 18:00 - 20:00
  Thu 09 Mar 17:00

 Klim- en Boulderhal Sendmast, Koelmalaan 354, 1812 PS Alkmaar

 15.00 (non-member)