UYM - Alpaca Walk | Sassenheim | Sat 13 May at 13:30

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UYM - Alpaca Walk | Sassenheim

Alpacas are not only fluffy and cute but apparently love to be taken out for a walk by JongTNOers. Or was it the other way around? Anways, we will go for a 1.5h Alpaca walk in Sassenheim.

Come join us in case you feel like having a chill walk and talk with some furry friends, fun colleagues and tasty snacks. 🦙


Here are 3 facts about Alpacas you haven't been asking for:

  • Alpacas practice good hygiene and have a designated bathroom area! 

  • Ho, wait a minute! Alpacas do spit but only do this when they are really upset and would like to warn away others. If you see their ears back and head up, back away! Ha, better not upset them too much by calling them llamas then..

  • Also, did you know alpacas have a split upper lip that helps them select the tastiest nibbles and avoid any food that they don't like? Could be my star sign.
  Sat 13 May 13:30 - 16:00
  Tue 09 May 14:18

 Alpacahoeve Klinkenberg | Klinkenberg 15 | 2171 AN Sassenheim