Bouldering Event | Amsterdam | Thu 01 Jun at 18:00

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Bouldering Event | Amsterdam

With the  JTNO outdoor bouldering weekend coming up next month, we'd like to awaken our inner mountain goats and sharpen our monkey skills with an indoor bouldering event.

First time bouldering

Bouldering is a climbing sport on a wall of 3-4 meters. Unlike regular climbing, there is no rope to catch you, instead you are caught by a very thick crash pad.

 There are routes for every skill level ‚Äčand within no-time you'll get the hang of it!

You should wear sporty clothes you can move flexibly in. Shoes and chalk can be rented at the hall.

If you have any questions, your hosts are Paolo de Heer and Jeannet Liang.

  Thu 01 Jun 18:00 - 20:00
  Thu 01 Jun 12:00

 Het Lab, Amsterdam Sloterdijk