UYM - Facts & fables about nutrition (lecture) | Thu 15 Jun at 17:30

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UYM - Facts & fables about nutrition (lecture)

Are you getting tired of all the fake news on the internet about nutrition? Or from that one friend who keeps telling you which diet is the best to lose weight or to gain muscles?

On behalf of "Unwind your Mind" we think it is healthy to have acces to the right information about nutrition/diets and other food-related topics. Healthy food = healthy body = healthy brain! 🧠

We invited personal coach Jorine Wieringa, topsporter in bodybuilding and Dutch champion in 2018 (😲) to tell us about healthy nutrition and diets. She'll provide the right information about food to achive your personal sport goals. And she'll also give some practical tips about meal preps without the need to stand in the kitchen the whole Sunday. 

Bring all your colleagues to Leiden to join this lecture and learn more about facts and fables about nutrition 💪
Healthy snacks will be provided by UYM so you won't be hungry during the lecture. 

  Thu 15 Jun 17:30 - 19:30
  Mon 12 Jun 17:00

 TNO Leiden Sylviusweg

 5.00 (non-member)