ICA - Cricket Clinic for Beginners | Utrecht | Thu 25 May at 17:45

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ICA - Cricket Clinic for Beginners | Utrecht


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Fun Indoor Cricket for Beginners!

Batting, bowling, fielding, runs, wickets..... all these might sound alien language to you if you have never played or heard about cricket in your life!

Cricket is the second mostly followed sport in the world after soccer, although there are only a handful of countries that play cricket at the highest level. 

ICA will be organising a Cricket Clinic for Beginners in collaboration with SV Kampong Cricket Club on 25th May. It will be a great opportunity for you to learn the ins and outs of this beautiful team sport, which was invented by the Brits. You will get hands-on training on how to hold a bat, how to hit (bat) the ball, how to deliver (bowl) a ball and how to stop (field) the ball coming towards you.

Free dinner and drinks will be served to all the participants at the Kampong cricket clubhouse after the clinic. So, there will be enough time to network with other ICA  colleagues and share your experiences with cricket :)


  • 17.45: Walk-in and register
  • 18.00: Cricket clinic - theory and practice
  • 19.00: Friendly 5 overs/side cricket match
  •  20.00: Dinner and drinks
  •  22:00: Closing

Note: This clinic is meant for people who have never played or have a very basic knowledge of cricket. If you have played cricket at a reasonable level, you can still register, but priority will be given to the beginners.

  Thu 25 May 17:45 - 20:00
  Thu 25 May 17:00

 SV Kampong Cricket Club, Utrecht