OlympICA 2018

Published 5 years ago by Networking Committee.

On Saturday the 21st of July the JongTNO football team participated in the ICA OlympICA company tournament in Utrecht.

In the blistering heat every game became a battle of stamina – fortunately we had a large team and could rotate players frequently.

After one game too many, the new signings from FC ECN lead us to the third place. We have high expectations for the new season!

Thanks to: Milad Alizai, Soraya Sluijter, Loek Nijsten, Jacob Janssen, Bernd Rietberg, Roelof van Dijk, Siddharth Krishna Swamy, Fieke Hillerström, Nirul Hoeba & Malte Steinhoff.

Also, the JongTNO hockey team participated. Although the third place was just out of reach, they had a lot of fun as well! We are looking forward to next year's event! Thanks to: Rianne van Beek, Evie Cox, Sander Dragt, Koen de Groot, Madelon Molhoek, Joost Roholl and Sjoerd Tolsma.

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