Gliding in Venlo

Published 3 years ago by Iuliana Dragomir.

In the rainy day of 10th of May, 8 TNOers from Helmond started their trip with a stop at Burger King 5 minutes away from the office. They left the very healthy eating place on pouring rain, drove to Venlo heading towards the darkest clouds on the sky. As flying could only happen in dry weather, the uncertainty of the event only enhanced the excitement. They arrived almost on time, doubting about the legality of the setup while climbing over the fence on a small ladder.

After some small talk the first TNOer got equipped and stepped into the glider. A few minutes of increased heart rate when the glider began it's race 0-100 km/h in 3 seconds. Pure adrenaline invading the veins, then complete silence and peacefulness once it reached the maximum altitude of 400m. 

One by one the brave TNOers got in the gliders, coming back with a "I want more!" feeling, as the short race was like an appetizer to them.

Very well organized, professional pilots and a gezellig atmosphere, total recommendation for anyone who wants to try it. The event takes place yearly on the 10th of May.


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