Skutsje sielen - a weekend away with Jong TNO

Published 1 year ago by Sara.

We had a great weekend of sailing near Akkrum in Friesland on a non-motorised sailing boat (a 'skutsje'). The group consisted of 9 Jong TNO'ers, de maat (also a Jong TNO'er) and a skipper. De maat and the skipper taught us the ropes and we set sail on the Friesian lakes.
Not having a motor (100% wind energy!) was very relaxing: really depending on the wind. This lead us to having to stay in one place sometimes, enjoying a nice swim, the sun and the company :).

Overall, it was a very nice weekend. Being outside the whole weekend completed the whole 'holiday feeling' which lasted far into the next working week :).
It would definitely be a nice thing to organise again next year!

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