Thank You Activity - thank you dear organising members!

Published 4 years ago by Sara.

Last Friday the active members of jongTNO who:

  • Organized some awesome event for jongTNO, putting in effort, energy and attention
  • Supported our whole organization by doing so!
  • Were ambassador, spreading the word of jongTNO and engaging other young colleagues
  • Convinced, dragged, pulled and pushed colleagues to come to more activities (and sometimes helping them to de-stress…)
  • Successfully helped us spend our budget!
  • Made jongTNO a more awesome society past year

...were thanked for their efforts with the traditional, yearly 'Thank You' activity.
This year we went to 'Venster' in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht for an interactive cocktailworkshop mixed with Mezze, snacks and a three-course dinner with a spectacular desert.

Thanks again, all the 66 members (who were not all able to make it), who have put effort into jongTNO next to their daily work!

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